Wearable City

Street-Where is a site specific experimental body of work, researching and visualising new ways of conceiving monumental public art through architecture, fashion and performative expression.

How to wear the city?
How to dress up the city?

Questioning the public about the meaning of “experiencing the city” from an inclusive perspective, it invites to change the point of view of the observers about the concept of borders and limits. From what one thing starts and where does it finish to give space to the next one? Hybridisation and symbiosis has no space/time barriers.

Enabling a free collaboration between soft and hard surfaces, in this case, textiles and scaffolding, flesh and iron, a continuum of unbroken purposes smoothly combines body movements connected with the urban environment meanwhile offering a message without obstacles.

Things apparently far from one another can dance together in this crossroad, unpretentiously and spontaneously, dissenting to market dynamics and product obsession, the collection wish to open up a world of infinite possibilities and reshaping new identities.

Pattern design and production: Marta Mangano

 Samira Allaouat is a trans-disciplinary artist, fascinated by old technologies with new contemporary applications, exploring new paths of bending and blending elements, researching and testing low-tech solutions for a more sustainable, ethical and resilient future perspective.