2010, A Space Laundry Odyssey

Like in mediterranean culture customs, linen and clothes dry outside windows and balconies creating a natural and typical scenario in the city.

This monumental symbol is created to interact with live video performances that gives a new life to the white fabric, retracing the memories and the history of civilisations that are so close to the sun and the sea, cradle of cultures.

This project has been planned to fit within an urban context for a cultural festival "Primavera dei diritti" and the Apulian Theatres Meeting in Bari, Italy. The structure was set up in three main squares of the city.
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 Samira Allaouat is a trans-disciplinary artist, fascinated by old technologies with new contemporary applications, exploring new paths of bending and blending elements, researching and testing low-tech solutions for a more sustainable, ethical and resilient future perspective.