The project Print the City represent a radical change in the approach of how to see, live and practice urban art.

The idea plays with typography and architecture, with paint and words, with repetition creating patterns, with the infinite reproduction of an action, becoming a message for its own sake, thanks to the use of the tool named Tag Roller. As most of the tools we commonly use are extensions of the body, giving us super capabilities, this is a tiny and very personal (eco)industrial revolution, that can be applied on different scale and for different purposes.

It's a site specific experimental research, visualising new ways of conceiving printing techniques and monumental public art, questioning about the meaning of painting the city nowadays.

It's an immense tribute to the writing tradition, to the DIY (the philosophy at the root of auto-building art tools), to the getting up and elevate the art performance.

The tag roller has different possible applications on the urban panorama. In vertical way on a wall, or horizontal on the ground.
Also depending on the context, the word carved on the roller can change, creating so a new path of analysis of the history of our art, in order to keep the concept fresh and spontaneous.

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The Sexworker Strike ︎Pompei Street Fest at Castellamare di Stabia, 2021, Italy


 Samira Allaouat is a trans-disciplinary artist, fascinated by old technologies with new contemporary applications, exploring new paths of bending and blending elements, researching and testing low-tech solutions for a more sustainable, ethical and resilient future perspective.